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The Center Launches ‘We Are Family’ Pride PSA Featuring Jennifer Garner

We Are Family PSA

This Pride season, the LGBTQ+ movement has reached an inflection point. With terror threats targeting our Parades, more than 500 pieces of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation on the books throughout our country, and hate-related violence on the rise, it’s become clear that we need Pride more than ever. We’ve grown accustomed to the refrain “Love Wins,” but now, it seems that there’s a new battlefield ahead of us.

Internationally, a network of extremists are painting the LGBTQ+ community as threats to the family, or unfit for children. Here in California, they have shown up at school board meetings and Drag Queen Story Hours, inciting hatred and, in some cases, fomenting violence. Their aim is to create a culture of fear among our people—and particularly, our young people. 

Confronted with everything from forced outing policies to misinformation campaigns about transgender youth, the Los Angeles LGBT Center—the world’s largest LGBTQ+ nonprofit—teamed up with a group of queer creatives to launch “We Are Family,” a PSA for Pride that aims to counteract the harmful narratives about our community. 

Watch • 1:46

Los Angeles LGBT Center Presents: We Are Family

“We Are Family” showcases vibrant queer families from Los Angeles—everything from the sisters who act as godmothers to each other’s children to the gay son with his loving father to the same-sex parents raising their children to the ballroom house that exemplifies the magic of chosen family. Voiced by the inimitable Jennifer Garner—a proud and unmistakable ally to our community—the PSA reminds our viewers that we are your friends, your neighbors, your loved ones. And above all, it urges us to find the rainbow at the end of the storm. 

“We Are Family” is a proud declaration that LGBTQ+ people are not going anywhere—and that we are going to need all of our families (chosen and otherwise) to link arms with us for the fight ahead.

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