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Group Therapy

The Center offers a range of therapy groups for the trans community to gather, process, and heal together—as well as spaces for our family and allies to do the same.

We’re better together.

Our Trans Behavior Health (TBH) program offers a range of therapy groups to build community, process, and engage in healing conversations with members of our trans and gender diverse family. We also offer space for our allies and family members to process in an affirming environment, with facilitators who are experts in trans care and the trans experience.

Our groups offer a range of focuses—with a special focus on curating space that meets your identity. We host sessions on Zoom and, in some cases, in person. No matter your entry point, you can always ask your facilitator for more information about the Center’s holistic range of services if you’re interested in gender affirming care, one-on-one therapy, legal services, and more.

Our Therapy Groups

Nonbinary+ Process Group

This group welcomes nonbinary, genderqueer, gender-fluid, two-spirit, and other individuals who identify outside of the binary or those who are questioning. We provide a safe and therapeutic space where members can process their thoughts and feelings about issues associated with gender. Discussion topics may include developing an identity-affirming support system, processing the impact of cis-normativity on one’s sense of self and self-worth, identifying strategies for maintaining safety, and navigating medical care challenges.

This group meets Wednesdays from 5—6:30PM on Zoom. It’s facilitated by Alex Blake and Sharon Nesselle.

Trans Femme Process Groups
Trans Masculine Process Group

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