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The Los Angeles LGBT Center is 800 employees strong—making us the largest LGBTQ+ organization in the world.

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Senior Management Group

Joe Hollendoner, MSW

Saurabh Bajaj

Terra Russell-Slavin, Esq.

Phillip Picardi

Lara Honey-Brooks

Lara Honey-Brooks

Chief People Officer

Carlo Giovanni

Giovanna Fischer

Giovanna Fischer

Center Management Group

  • Artistic Director Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx
  • Associate Director, Community Programs David Flores
  • Associate Director, Trans Wellness Center Mariana Marroquin
  • Communications Director Oliver DelGado
  • Chief Information Officer Allen Spiegler
  • Chief Medical Officer Kaiyti Duffy, MD, MPH
  • Director, Audre Lorde Health Program Rani DeMesme-Anders
  • Director, Community Health Programs Operations Jeffrey Rodriguez
  • Director, Culinary Arts Nick Panepinto
  • Director of Facilities Jessica Stoneham
  • Director of Human Resources Trisha Yamato
  • Director of Legal Services Roger Coggan
  • Director of Mental Health Services Diane Kubrin
  • Director of Nursing Byron Patel, RN, ACRN
  • Director of Pharmacy Services Nicole Thibeau, PharmD
  • Director of Policy and Community Building Joey Espinoza-Hernández, MPA
  • Director of Research Risa Flynn
  • Director of Senior Services Kiera Pollock, MSW
  • Director of Special Events Tui Lyon
  • Director of Youth Services Lisa Phillips, LMFT
  • General Counsel Cameron Faber
  • General Manager, Anita May Rosenstein Campus Project Stephen Burn
  • Program Manager, Mi Centro Caín Andrade
  • Ride Director of AIDS/LifeCycle Cailin Corbett
  • Senior Director of Finance & Accounting Miguel Medel
  • Senior Program Manager, Health Services Steven Campa

Board of Directors

  • Tess Ayers, Secretary
  • LuAnn Boylan
  • Tamika L. Butler
  • Sarah Dusseault
  • Susan Feniger, Co-Chair
  • Alfred Fraijo, Jr.
  • Jordan Held
  • Annie Imhoff
  • Marki J. Knox, M.D. 
  • Carlos Medina 
  • Lucinda Moorhead
  • Michael Mueller
  • Michael Ormonde
  • Andy Ortiz
  • Loren S. Ostrow
  • Jayzen Patria
  • Frank D. Pond, Co-Chair
  • Francisco Ramos
  • Don Thomas
  • Amy Gordon Yanow, Treasurer 

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