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Culinary Arts

Culinary training, meal production, and job placement are the hallmarks of the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Culinary Arts program. Enrolling up to 80 students a year, the program provides the foundation of required culinary skills for students to secure jobs and pursue meaningful careers throughout the Los Angeles restaurant and hospitality sectors.

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Our State-of-the-Art Culinary Training Program

The Curriculum

The 300-hour culinary curriculum, based on classic French techniques, provides a solid framework for students. Lessons include basic knife skills, food safety training, and essential cooking techniques. Daily class progression works to build on previously learned skills and increase the speed and productivity of students. This foundation is necessary as students prepare up to 500 fresh and nutritious meals a day for the Center’s youth and senior members, many who struggle with homelessness and food insecurity. 

Direct, Industry Experience

To complete the program and gain industry experience, students are placed in a wide range of local businesses. Diverse community internship partners span fine dining establishments, amusement parks, bakeries, and cafés. The program assists in launching new culinary careers while providing much-needed nourishment for members of the community.


This 12-week, 300-hour training program is broken into three modules, which take place for four weeks at a time. These modules include: basic culinary skills development, campus meal production for the Center's clients, and then externship and job placement assistance. Annually, we enroll 80 students from either the Center's Senior or Youth Services departments.

And It Gives Back

Our commercial kitchen also prepares meals for our members 365-days per year. And the program's catering arm provides gourmet menu options for events at both the Anita May Rosenstein Campus and the Village at Ed Gould Plaza.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the program held?

A new culinary cohort/class starts approximately every 5 weeks, or about 10 start dates per year.

What is the training schedule?
Where is the program held?
How do I enroll?
Do I get paid while I’m learning?
Is there any cost for the program?
Do I need any previous cooking experience to apply?
Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enroll?
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Watch Nicole Richie Tour Our Kitchen!

As part of her volunteer day at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Nicole Richie got a crash course in preparing Pasta Amatriciana from scratch. Check out our kitchen and our Liberation Coffee House by watching now.

Nourishing Our Community

117,286 Meals Prepared and Served in FY23
70% of Meals Prepared and Served in FY23 Provided to Youth Clients
32,827 Meals Served to Seniors in 2022
300 Hours in the Culinary Arts Training Program
exterior of liberation coffee house

Liberation Coffee House

The Culinary Arts Program generates income that can be reinvested back into Center programming. Liberation Coffee House, the Center’s cafe on Santa Monica Boulevard, provides a daily stop for both Center employees and members of the local community to purchase delicious food and beverages. 

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