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Our Center's events, programs, and services are supported nearly every day by a robust group of dedicated volunteers—a community that, for the past 50+ years, has advanced the mission and impact of our organization.

There Are Many Ways to Volunteer

Volunteer Job Opportunities

Direct Program Support: Work in our departments supporting staff positions across our wide array of service offerings.

Internship Programs

Help give students the opportunity for career exploration and development and to learn new skills.


Support our events and be a part of the fun—from Pride Month to our star-studded Gala and beyond.

Corporate Volunteers

Work with Volunteer Resources and our Corporate Relations team to make a meaningful, 360 approach to supporting the Center and the LGBTQ+ community! Ideal for Employee Resource Groups or Days of Service.

Special Projects

Want to go above and beyond? Let us know! You might be able to work with our Volunteer Resources team to develop unique ways of supporting our teams.

"Volunteering is the only thing I know of where you get more energy out of it than you put into it."

—Michael, Center Volunteer

Lets Get Started
We're a community of compassionate, talented, and fun-loving people fiercely passionate about volunteering for impactful causes. Does this sound like you? Then join us!
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