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Client Stories

The Los Angeles LGBT Center welcomed 500,000 visits last year alone, where our team provides everything from housing to healthcare, legal aid to political advocacy, meals to mental health, and even special events and artistic performances. Since our founding, we’ve believed in a holistic model of care that tends to the whole person—and this formula has helped to make us the largest direct service provider of LGBTQ+ people in the world.

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girl wearing beanie hat eating food
Watch • 2:03

Center Your Future: Meet Nketchi

At 19, newly out Nketchi travelled alone from Texas to access a brighter future—and found help from our Youth Services team.
man getting examined by a doctor
Watch • 1:37

Center Your Sexy: Meet John

When John first tested positive for HIV, his medical providers at the Center created a tailored treatment plan, which showcased our holistic model of care.
man speaking to group of students
Watch • 2:04

Center Your Safety: Meet Rory

Through the help of our stigma-free services, Rory got the support he needed to address his substance use.
old woman wearing sunglasses
Watch • 2:29

Center Your Legacy: Meet Nancy

Chicana activist Nancy Valverde paved the way to end LA’s ban on gender-nonconfirming dressing laws—and now resides at the Center’s Triangle Square apartments, the nation’s largest affordable housing facility for LGBTQ+ seniors.
portrait of david in an interview
Watch • 2:11

Center Your Self-Care: Meet David

David needed urgent mental health services and support groups—and found them at the Center.
two people standing side by side at a party outside
Watch • 3:09

Center Your Story: Meet Russ

Meet Russ, a longtime volunteer who helps our clients build community through dance—one ballroom lesson at a time.

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