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The National LGBTQ Institute on IPV

The National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a project of the Los Angeles LGBT Center in close collaboration with the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs and In Our Own Voices, Inc.

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The goal of the LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence Institute is to significantly enhance the safety, well-being, support, and health of LGBTQ+ intimate partner and domestic violence survivors throughout the United States.

We Keep Us Safe.

The Institute expands the capacity of public and private agencies to provide culturally relevant, survivor-centered LGBTQ IPV intervention and prevention services — including to LGBTQ persons from racially and ethnically-diverse communities. . This is made possible through ongoing input from providers, experts, and consumers to offer state-of-the-art training and technical assistance.

The program will also enhance the visibility of LGBTQ-specific IPV needs, interventions, and strategies. Additionally, it will conduct research to identify and disseminate evidence-informed interventions and oversee policy initiatives that have a meaningful impact on the quality, scope, and accessibility of LGBTQ IPV services nationwide.

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