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LifeWorks Mentorship Program

The LifeWorks one-on-one mentoring program gives LGBTQ+ youth ages 24 and under the opportunity to be matched with an adult in the community who will support them in their personal development.

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LifeWorks Mentorship Program

Learn more about LifeWorks from past participants of our mentorship program.

Find a Mentor: FAQ

How does the LifeWorks Mentorship Program work?

Each mentor is trained with skills to be there for their mentee — not as parents or teachers, but as people who are able to guide them in being their absolute best selves. Each mentorship is unique, and consists of everything from short- and long-term goal setting, to building their understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.

How do I become a mentee? Is there a charge?
Do you give me a mentor? How do I get matched?
What will the mentor and I do? How often do we speak?
How does It work?
What if I don't have any goals?
Can you help me with GED/school/college applications?
What if I am not out to my family?
What other services does the Los Angeles LGBT Center offer?

Become a Mentor: FAQ

How do I become a mentor?

Anyone over the age of 28 years old is eligible. You can fill out an online application to become a mentor by clicking here.

Do new volunteers get any onboarding?
Do I need to complete a Live Scan?
Do you pick my mentee?
What do/can I do with my mentee?
What if my mentee doesn’t want to work on goals?
What services does the Los Angeles LGBT Center offer?

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