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The Los Angeles LGBT Center Applauds Att. General Rob Bonta’s Support of California’s LGBTQ+ Youth

LOS ANGELES, August 28— In response to California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s lawsuit challenging the Chino Valley Unified School District, the Los Angeles LGBT Center issued the following statement:

“The Los Angeles LGBT Center applauds Attorney General Rob Bonta for his support of LGBTQ+ youth and safe, affirming school environments. Chino Valley Unified School District will learn today that when you come for our community, we show up with everything we have. 

For months now, the far-right attack on school boards, education, and books has come to LA’s doorstep. What started with the outrageously bigoted ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill in Florida has morphed into a monstrous barrage of attacks on our schools, students, and educators—everywhere from Chino Valley to Temecula, North Hollywood to Glendale. This is a gross imposition of religion on the public school system, and a violation of California’s existing laws that protect marginalized people in public institutions.

So-called ‘parents’ rights groups’ seek to instate pseudo-fascist policies that actually endanger young people—despite their being notified of the statistics that show LGBTQ+ youth are more at risk for suicide, depression, bullying, and harassment in schools. Their message to our young people is clear: they want us to be afraid, to hide ourselves, and to put us in harm’s way. 

We at the Center want our young people to know: There is absolutely a place for you in this world. And we will fight like hell to ensure you have the same rights as everyone else to find it.

To the good people of Los Angeles—especially our parents and allies—we must come together to fight back against the encroachment of the far-right on our communities. Make no mistake, LA: this is round two of the fight for our lives. Just like we did with Prop. 8, we need to once again link arms and show them: Hate may put up a good fight, but it’s Love that always wins. 

We encourage parents and educators to reach out to the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s school-based programs, including Out for Safe Schools and the CAN Coalition, for resources, help, and next steps. We look forward to amplifying opportunities for action, gathering, and voter mobilization in the near future.” –Terra Russell-Slavin, Chief Impact Officer of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

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