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Pamela Anderson Shares Words of Wisdom at Center Gala: ‘Love Relentlessly’

Actress and model Pamela Anderson was honored at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s annual Gala on Saturday for her resilience and unwavering commitment to LGBTQ+ activism throughout her career. Anderson, known for her iconic role in “Baywatch” and her recently released memoir Love, Pamela, used the platform to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and call for continued progress in the fight for equality.

Anderson was presented with the Center’s Vanguard Award by the Center’s Phillip Picardi and Mariana Marroquin, who highlighted Anderson’s impressive career and extensive philanthropic work, making it clear that her dedication to the LGBTQ+ community runs deep.

Pamela Anderson poses as the Los Angeles LGBT Center hosts The Center Gala at Fairmont Century Plaza on April 22, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center)

“When I saw Pamela for the first time as a young trans person, I saw a woman embodying her beauty and power, and I wanted to wield that power,” Marroquin said. “In her story, I always see a piece of my own. Everyone thinks that they know who we are, but we are more than anything they could ever imagine.”

In her acceptance speech, Anderson reflected on her personal connection to the LGBTQ+ community and how her experiences have shaped her activism. She recalled landing in Los Angeles for the first time and arriving just in time for Pride, where a pair of gay men called out her bad highlights.

“They go, ‘Honey that is not one of God’s colors,’ and I thought, This is how I think. This is how I speak. I arrived. I’m gonna be okay.

I saw a woman embodying her beauty and power, and I wanted to wield that power.

Trans Wellness Center’s Mariana Marroquín

Over the years, Anderson has used her platform to bring attention to critical issues impacting the community, such as HIV/AIDS, discrimination, and sexual abuse. She is also a lifelong vegetarian and committed animal rights activist—a far cry from the objectified persona she has repeatedly been shoehorned into throughout her career.

She asked the crowd to picture their younger selves, at an age where they were still unsure of who they were—and who they would become.

“This is when we run up to our little selves and we give them a huge hug,” she said. “Kiss them on the cheek. Look into their eyes and tell that little person, I love you so much. You’re beautiful. You’re talented. You are worthy. You have value. You’re important. And you’re gonna get through life with flying colors. Because I’m proof I’m here and I’ll always be here for you and I love you.”

Every time we walk out the door, it’s performance art. Might as well have a blast.

Pamela Anderson

Expressing gratitude for the big year she’s had with her Netflix docuseries Pamela, a Love Story and her bestselling memoir Love, Pamela, Anderson emphasized the importance of self-love and self-respect in her speech.

“Life isn’t easy. No one is perfect and we learn every day. I continue to stay on my path,” she said. “Love relentlessly. The world is a safe place, and we are painting the picture of our lives every day. Every time we walk out the door, it’s performance art. Might as well have a blast.”

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