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Magpie Pride Flag Honoring the Late Lauri Carleton Unveiled by Los Angeles LGBT Center and Flags for Good


The Los Angeles LGBT Center and Flags for Good unfurled a new commemorative banner honoring Lauri Carleton, the shop owner and Lake Arrowhead community member who was tragically shot and killed for displaying a Pride flag in front of her store. To help honor her memory and encourage allies to be active in creating safe spaces, the Center collaborated with Flags for Good on a rainbow banner bearing the symbol of the magpie—after her store name—as a dedication to Carleton’s life and legacy.

Proceeds from the Magpie Pride Flag will benefit the Lake Arrowhead LGBTQ+ Fund, a local organization that’s helping the local community thrive.

“I assure you that the Center won’t be stopping here. Right-wing extremists have brought this fight to our doorstep, and let me promise you this: we are answering their knock at our door—and we will be greeting them with the strength that our community is known for,” said Joe Hollendoner, CEO of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. “I hope we can rely on you to join us in the fight.”

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