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Triangle Square Apartments

Triangle Square Apartments is the nation’s first affordable lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender housing development of private, individual apartment homes—now owned and operated by the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

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In 2023, the Los Angeles LGBT Center proudly assumed ownership and operation of Triangle Square Apartments: the nation’s first affordable lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) housing development of private, individual apartment homes. For years, we’ve provided onsite services that address the health, social, and recreational needs of LGBTQ+ seniors—offering them access to our Senior Center, case management services, health and mental health services, and beyond. Triangle Square Apartments remains one of the most popular and exciting senior LGBT-friendly housing communities for all elders 62 and over. 

Hours of Operation

Triangle Square Senior Apartments

If you are looking for housing services or navigation, please follow the links below this contact information to connect with our Senior Services team. The conventional waitlist for Triangle Square is closed; our staff can help you navigate applications for the accessible waitlist.
A Black senior woman dances; she is wearing a khaki jumpsuit and there is a green backdrop behind her.

Have Questions About Senior Housing?

Senior Services at the Los Angeles LGBT Center offers a robust suite of services in housing, including the operation of two affordable housing facilities designated for older adults: Triangle Square Apartments and Ariadne Getty Senior Housing. We also assist with housing information and resources for seniors, including the development of a personal housing plan, and connection to legal resources if you are facing eviction or need information on your legal rights. To get started, follow the link to learn more.

Housing Resources for Seniors

Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Celebrating the Center's Official Ownership of Triangle Square!

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