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Youth Scholarship Program

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Youth Scholarship Program offers financial support for selected LGBTQ+ students and their allies who are or will be pursuing a post-secondary education. The program grants scholarships to students who have shown strong promise and potential but might not otherwise complete their educational goals without financial support.

Academic merit, extracurricular activities, community involvement, personal narrative, and financial need are considered in the selection process. The program aligns with the Center’s mission by helping to inspire the next generation of LGBTQ+ students to reach their full potential as we strive to break down barriers to educational opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Selection Process

Scholarship recipients are evaluated and selected by a scholarship committee that includes the grantor, Center staff, and community members. Applicants will be evaluated on the information furnished by their academic transcript, testimony of their scholarly excellence and skills through letters of recommendation, financial need, and any reinforcing narrative provided in the essays.

Evaluations will begin one week after the application period has closed. Selected recipients will be notified and contacted via email on April 30, 2024.


To ensure your best work in preparing your application, we recommend that you consult all the resources available to you. If in high school, you may wish to consult your parents, a guidance counselor, a community mentor, and/or any teacher who has been particularly supportive of your development. The same applies to current college/university students, though you may also consider consulting staff in your institution’s financial aid and awards office, or another person familiar with your schoolwork or employment record.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduating senior (with either a high school diploma or GED) or already enrolled in an accredited college or university.
  • A copy of your college acceptance letter or proof of current enrollment for Fall 2024.
  • Two letters of recommendation (from teachers, counselors, principles, mentors, etc.)

Youth Scholarship Comcast NBCUniversal Telemundo

Comcast NBCUniversal & Telemundo Media Scholarship

Comcast NBCUniversal & Telemundo aims to support careers in media and entertainment.

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Youth Scholarship Edison

Edison International STEM Scholarship

Edison International provides scholarship funding towards STEM education.

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Youth Scholarship Angel City FC and Clear

Pride in Tech Scholarship, presented by Angel City FC & CLEAR

As part of our shared commitment to increasing representation in engineering and technology fields, Angel City FC & CLEAR are proud to provide a partial scholarship for one student pursuing education in or working toward a career in tech.

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Youth Scholarship Felice Samuel Greene Fund

The Felice Samuel Greene Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund provides assistance to deserving youth interested in pursuing higher education. Created in memory of Felice Samuel Greene, who believed that all teenagers are deserving of a supportive educational environment to help them thrive for a better tomorrow, this scholarship is for youth working diligently in hopes of reaching their career and educational aspirations.

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Youth Scholarship Su Cruz

The Sue Cruz Scholarship Fund

The Sue Cruz Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to LGBTQ+ youth engaged in higher education. The fund honors the memory of Sue Cruz, a devoted homemaker and mother of six who always found time to attend college classes in pursuit of her ultimate goal: becoming a teacher. She ultimately fulfilled her dream, earning her bachelor’s degree at the same time her oldest child earned his.

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Rainbow Youth Scholarship

Rainbow Youth Scholarship

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Rainbow Youth Scholarship provides scholarships to LGBTQ+ youth engaged in higher education. This scholarship fund was created to assist youth in reaching their career and educational aspirations and was founded on the belief that all young people are deserving of a supportive educational experience.

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