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The Center’s programs and services are open and accessible to everyone in the community. If you’re transgender or someone who is transitioning or preparing to transition, we’ve got a number of programs, activities, and events specifically for you.

From providing leading-edge healthcare to hosting the nation’s largest Transgender Pride Festival, no organization offers a wider range of transgender-specific programming.

Donations for Trans Community

Transgender Donations for Trans Community

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The Center helped me see how my life could be different.

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How to support the trans community in four easy steps!

Thank you very much for thinking of the Trans Wellness Center for your donations below you will find how to donate your new unused items to us.

We unfortunately are not taking any used items at the moment due to Covid19.

Please mail donations to:

The Trans Wellness Center
3055 Wilshire Blvd #360
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Drop off Donation Times: Drop Off days Monday-Wednesday 11am-6pm and Friday 11am-6pm

Donation Receipt available upon request.

Items accepted:

  • Clothing: Adult new clothing, new undergarments only. No unclean/ripped/torn/children clothing will be accepted.
  • Shoes and Accessories: Adult new dress shoes, heels, sneakers/casual shoes, accessories
  • Other donations received: New makeup, hygiene/hair products/tools, tampons, pads, gender neutral and masculine professional clothing

For more information please call 323.993.2900 [email protected]


The Trans Wellness Center

If you think you or your family member has a medical or psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. Do not attempt to access emergency medical care through this contact email.

If you are an established client of the Center with a non-emergency medical question, please call 323-993-7500.

Examples of the kinds of questions that you can send to this email are:

  • What are your hours?
  • Do I have to have insurance to come there?
  • Can I get my name changed there?

By clicking continue I understand that I should use this mail box only for a non-emergency, non-urgent question.

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