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“They've helped me to reach out to family members who, you know, I couldn't really lean on or act like a support system and they've helped me conquer my fears.”

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Tools For Trainers

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Self-Care Tools for Trainers 

Trainers may find themselves in training spaces where they are exposed to heterosexism, anti-gay bias, or anti-transgender bias. These biases may come in the forms of derogatory comments about LGBTQ people, resistance to supporting LGBTQ youth, or shared stories of harmful practices being done to LGBTQ youth in care. When there are high levels of bias in training spaces, trainers report feeling increased fatigue, depression, anxiety, and an increased probability of being triggered. As a result, individuals training LGBTQ content are advised and encouraged to practice healthy self-care remedies that can help heal and increase resilience during trainings where bias is present. Below are tools that can help trainers get started with assessing their self-care needs and creating self-care plans.

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Self-Care Tools for Trainers

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