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RISE provides in-house and off-site coaching to trained professionals seeking to enhance their practice behaviors and knowledge base.

Coaching programming involves learning labs, field scenarios, group work, and experiential training, as well as individualized development. Through these spaces participants increase their comfort coaching at their respective agency on LGBTQ-related topics, fielding difficult questions, assessing individual and organizational needs, and responding to anti-LGBTQ+ bias. Potential in-house coaching program members must have previously attended a RISE training.

RISE Coaching: Partner Agency Testimonials

“The RISE Coaching Network changed how I supported clients. I asked first, to see how they wanted me to support them. It has also changed my awareness of how uncomfortable my co-workers are and how much support they really need.”

“Learning how to answer awkward questions with confidence, and without judgment, has made all the difference. Being able to meet together with others is a great way to garner confidence, support, and resources for supporting the LGBTQ community, particularly our youth.”

“The RISE Coaching Network has made me aware of my own ‘stuff’ and I can now filter those things out to make sure I am always affirming and supportive.”

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