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“... I think I was excited to know that the system is doing something about kids like me and stuff like that, so...I wasn't really nervous. I was more like excited to know the system is actually trying to do something for us.” 

 –Youth Quote 

Read the full report on the Findings from the RISE Youth Qualitative Interviews.

RISE - Foster Youth Services

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At the Center, I can be myself. I can encourage others to be themselves too.

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We’ve developed a new model of care to help LGBT and questioning foster youth thrive in loving and stable homes.

1 in 5 L.A. foster youth identify as LGBTQ.
LGBTQ foster youth are 2x as likely to live in a group facility, rather than a loving family.
LGBTQ youth are 2x as likely to report poor treatment by the foster system.

Through the Los Angeles LGBT Center's groundbreaking federally funded RISE (Recognize Intervene Support Empower) initiative, we've developed and tested a new service model that will reduce the number of LGBTQ youth in long-term foster care and help them find loving, permanent homes. We do that, in part, by working with the youth, parents, caregivers and child welfare professionals to combat the heterosexism and transphobia that too frequently result in the mistreatment and abuse of LGBTQ youth and by reforming policies and practices that aren’t sensitive to the needs of LGBTQ youth.

RISE Program Manuals

The Center’s RISE initiative, launched in 2009, was funded by the Children's Bureau, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, under grant number 90-CT-0154.

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