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Our Heart is with You Los Angeles LGBT Center

This month, you may begin to see changes in your paycheck as a result of the GOP Administration’s tax cut signed into law late last year. What you won’t see yet are the catastrophic changes that are now in place that will hurt all of us in the long run. 

But these tax cuts are about more than dollars and cents; they are about values. What do you put your heart behind? What kind of world do you want to live in? 

Like you, each person in our Center family has a reason for being here. Some want to give back to a community that helped and inspired them. Others want to build a better future for themselves while improving the health and welfare for all. We come to the Center for support and encouragement, activism and celebration, friendship and family. Our community connects us; what we hold dear in our hearts holds us together.

So, this February, we’re asking you to make it count. For most of us, the temporary changes in our individual paychecks won’t make a long-term difference in our lives. But collectively, those same dollars and cents can change the world. That’s why we’re asking, if you’re able, to “redistribute” the difference you may see in your February paycheck to a cause that speaks to the heart of your values as a human being.

Of course, as part of the Center community, we’re happy to have your heart with us whether or not you’re able to donate to us or another organization that is helping build the world we all want to see. After all, we are in this together, and we want you to know that our heart is definitely with you.

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To show our thanks for your extra measure of loyalty and commitment as a monthly contributor to the Center at your selected amount, you’ll receive special benefits including:

  • Recognition as a member of the Advocates in the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s award winning magazine, Vanguard;
  • Invitation to the annual Advocates meet-and-greet hosted by our Chief Executive Officer; and
  • Yearly tax statement summarizing your annual giving.
  • Center Swag: For $10 or more a month, you can get a tote bag. For $25 or more a month, you can get a T-shirt

Share your contribution or tell us how you are going to #MakeItCount on social media @lalgbtcenter. Here’s a graphic to share with your post (click or press to download):


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