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The Los Angeles LGBT Center is more than a service provider, it’s where a vibrant community comes together to learn, grow, and celebrate.

We produce live performances and host exhibitions that showcase and celebrate the lives and experiences of the diverse LGBT community. To inform and enrich people, while helping them connect with one another, we host forums, activities, and events. We also provide affordable meeting space for groups, clubs, and organizations to host their own activities. 

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Never finished high school? We can help you get your GED and we award college scholarships to deserving LGBT youth.

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Dear Group Participants,

As you know, federal, state and local officials are advising organizations to take extreme caution when it comes to public gatherings and group meetings as a result of the pandemic. In an effort to protect the health of our clients and the public, the Center has resumed these groups via online platform.

If you're interested in joining these groups, please, reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Coming Out Workbook

30+ Lesbian Chat

This group is temporarily unavailable.

Peer-led group for LGBTQ women over 30. Meet women outside of the bars.

For more information: or [email protected]


Explore and discuss the many shades of today's diverse bisexual community.

For more information: or [email protected]

Club Intersex

A community run support group for people to share their experience, strength and hope as members of the intersex community.

For more information: or [email protected]

Coming Out Workshops

Safe, nuturing workshops for anyone who is navigating your own coming out process. Workshops available for women and men.

To enroll: Call 877-OUT-4-LIFE for recorded information and instructions for enrollment.

For more information: or [email protected]

Coming Out: TGI/ENBY+

A new support space especially for TGI/ENBY+ (transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex, non-binary) folx to help you navigate a journey towards finding a healthier relationship with yourself.

For more information: or [email protected]


Latino/Latinx conversation group

For more information: or [email protected]


A gathering place for all LGBT women who want strong community and great conversation.

For more information: or [email protected]


A new group to explore your male identity however you choose to express it. Join us in redefining masculinity!

Queer Diverse Community

For more information: or [email protected]

Transgender Perceptions

A safe and welcoming space for people of all ages and forms of trans identity and expression to learn from others and share experiences with people who are on the same or similar journey.

S.O.F.F.A. (Significant Others, Family, Friends & Allies) are welcome to attend Transgender Perceptions on the first Friday of each month ONLY.

For more information: or [email protected]

Village Readers

This group is temporarily unavailable.

An LGBT reading and discussion group.

For more information: or [email protected]

Discover Pride 

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