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Art by Brett Kaufman


This work is a puzzle. Put together piece by piece, similar to a mosaic. Each portrait has a separate story to tell; and likewise, a separate technique is involved. Inspired by 16th century painter Arcimboldo and the 20th century surrealists who followed in his footsteps, this work creates a visual back and forth between form and symbol – as the viewer shifts between seeing the subject represented and the objects used to create it. Chosen materials can include everything from books to typewriters to clocks to piano keys.

Opening Reception Thursday, October 3

6-8 p.m. FREE Admission

Complimentary wine and snacks

Brett Kaufman is a San Francisco-based artist whose work is inspired by the numerous biographies he has read over the years. His attempt to take the essence of a particular reading and transform that person’s story into a visual dialog has resulted in his ongoing series of surrealist portraits. Brett’s work is created using one of, or a combination of the following: photography, collage, and assemblage. Born the Summer of Love, Brett grew up in Los Angeles, California. 1987 brought Brett up north to San Francisco to help take care of his brother Perry, who was diagnosed with the still mystified disease of AIDS. After his brother’s passing, Brett saw how fleeting life could be, and decided to stay in the city he came to love and pursue his true passion of art. His early work was very political, due to the times and surroundings he was living in. It was there that he attended and graduated from San Francisco State University, studying under famed photo realist painter Robert Bechtle, and his wife, art historian Whitney Chadwick. Thirty years later, Brett still finds himself inspired by the city he has come to call home, and sees his art as a never ending journey of discovery and reflection. Kaufman’s work has been presented in museums, galleries, and alternative spaces as varied as San Francisco City Hall, SF Camerawork, Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum, New York’s Monique Goldstrom Gallery, and the Rumbach-Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary. In 2016, he participated in ‘Interpretations of Vincent’, at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, NL. “Ode to Harvey Milk” became the poster and playbill for the San Francisco Opera’s production of “Harvey Milk The Opera”. Brett’s imagery, has graced the covers of The SF Bay Guardian, Frontiers Magazine, and over 30 issues of the San Francisco Sentinel. His art has been enthusiastically received over the years, and sits in many prestigious collections, including the Rene di Rosa Foundation in Napa Valley, the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, and sold through the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

Exhibit runs through January 7, 2020

To schedule a private viewing when the gallery is normally closed, please email your request to [email protected]. Most artwork is available for purchase through the on-site ticket booth. At least 50% of all sale proceeds support the Los Angeles LGBT Center's mission to build a better world for LGBT people.

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