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The Los Angeles LGBT Center is more than a service provider, it’s where a vibrant community comes together to learn, grow, and celebrate.

We produce live performances and host exhibitions that showcase and celebrate the lives and experiences of the diverse LGBT community. To inform and enrich people, while helping them connect with one another, we host forums, activities, and events. We also provide affordable meeting space for groups, clubs, and organizations to host their own activities.

Never finished high school? We can help you get your GED and we award college scholarships to deserving LGBT youth.

In Our Galleries

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The Center helped me see how my life could be different.

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Our Advocate & Gochis Galleries display and sell the works of emerging and established artists.




For years, we’ve heard stories of ‘Land of the Volcanoes’ and its tropical weather, the summer days of playing canicas and capiruchos, to las buenas épocas to survival stories during and after the Civil War. Our theme this year, is inspired by those stories told by our grandmothers and parents, who left their home El Salvador in hopes for a better future.

LIBERACIÓN: FROM VOLCANOES TO HOPE is a call to all Salvadorian visual artists to bring to life, their stories of lgbtq, personal experiences, generational, sex, and gender on canvas, photo and mixed media.

Featured Artists

Lilliana Castro
Khris Garay
Rachel Renderos
Carlos Funes
Isabel Erroa
Valerie Cienfuegos
Jasmin Iraheta
Jennafer Viera
Steven Moises Hernandez
Carlos Rogel
Kiara Machado
Jose Oscar Gonzalez

To schedule a private viewing when the gallery is normally closed, please email your request to [email protected]. Most artwork is available for purchase through the on-site ticket booth. At least 50% of all sale proceeds support the Los Angeles LGBT Center's mission to build a better world for LGBT people.

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Monday through Friday: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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