The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center Presents "Miss Coco Peru: Have You Heard?" on April 26-28 - Los Angeles LGBT Center

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center Presents "Miss Coco Peru: Have You Heard?" on April 26-28

April 10, 2019
Contact: Gil Diaz

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center has announced the return of the legendary Miss Coco Peru in her latest solo show, Have You Heard?  The Will & Grace star will play three performances only at the Renberg Theatre on Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27, at 8 p.m. and Sunday, April 28, at 7 p.m.

Miss Coco loves to reminisce. In fact, she’s very good at it. In Have You Heard?, Coco performs some of her favorite monologues and songs spanning her long career, as well as some new stuff, too. Whether you’ve heard all or some of these stories or you’re a Coco virgin, come see why Lily Tomlin called Coco “one of the last great storytellers,” and experience the trailblazing Queen who elevated drag whilst still wearing sensible heels.

Miss Coco Peru (aka Clinton Leupp) has been a household name in the LGBT community for more than 25 years. She got her start in the early ‘90s as a downtown favorite in the cabaret world of New York after she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in her first show, Miss Coco Peru in My Goddamn Cabaret, and has since enjoyed an expansive career ranging from intimate cabaret stages in New York and LA to television sets in millions of living rooms. She has toured around the world, has over nine million views on YouTube, and has been in multiple cherished films, garnering multiple awards and nominations for her work.

A veteran of numerous feature films (trick, To Wong Foo..., the cult classic Girls Will Be Girls, and more), and television shows (How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, Will & Grace, among numerous others), Coco has also become a viral sensation on social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

Considered “the hostess with that something... extra,” Coco has received worldwide acclaim for her award-winning solo shows that she's starred in, written, produced, and directed, as well as her remarkable series of tributes to great performers, Conversations with Coco, in which she conducted live career-retrospective interviews with such luminaries as Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Liza Minnelli, and the late Bea Arthur.

Coco's long history of passionate activism, unflagging support of the LGBT community, and fierce dedication to AIDS-related charities earned her the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Board of Directors Award, presented to her by Zachary Quinto.

General admission tickets are $35 and may be purchased online at or by phone at 323-860-7300. Net proceeds from all ticket sales will support the full range of free and low-cost programs and services offered by the Center.

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Renberg Theatre is located at 1125 N. McCadden Place (one block east of Highland Ave., just north of Santa Monica Blvd.), in Hollywood 90038.

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