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Center's Response to U.S Senate Passing Disastrous "Tax Reform" Bill

December 1, 2017
Contact: Gil Diaz

In response to the early morning vote by the U.S. Senate to pass a disastrous "tax reform" bill, the Los Angeles LGBT Center issued the following statement:

"The Los Angeles LGBT Center condemns in the strongest terms this morning's inexcusable vote in the U.S. Senate. This so-called “tax reform,” passed in virtual ignorance of many of its specific components, is actually a charade that gives its supporters flimsy cover to impose massive cuts in services to poor and middle-class Americans. And why are these cuts required? They are necessary to finance the redistribution of billions of dollars to the uber-rich and big corporations.

"At the same time, the bill adds more than a trillion dollars to the national deficit. This attempted sleight-of-hand billed as “tax cuts” tells only part of the story. The gutting of the Affordable Care Act and cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and other safety-net programs are on the way: more than 13 million people will lose their health care; seniors, veterans, students, teachers, the disabled will lose benefits. We are better than this, and in the coming days we must actively challenge the cynicism of those politicians who would trade the health and welfare of the American people to benefit the increased luxury of a small donor class."

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