Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Advocate & Gochis Galleries Presents Second Virtual Art Exhibit "Darkness/Light" Launching February 11 - Los Angeles LGBT Center

Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Advocate & Gochis Galleries Presents Second Virtual Art Exhibit "Darkness/Light" Launching February 11

February 10, 2021
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The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Advocate & Gochis Galleries presents its second virtual art exhibit Darkness/Light, which launches live at noon on Thursday, February 11. This exhibition features photography and paintings by artists with a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Each broadly interprets the conflicts, harmonies, and the interplay of darkness and light, looking inward to personal experiences, outward to the forces at play in the world around us, and to formal balances in artworks themselves.

Participating artists include Ajamu, Jo Ann Block, Dannywolfchild, Mark Dektor, Marian Jones, Leon Mostovoy, and Chris J. Russo.

The virtual exhibition will launch online at noon on Thursday, February 11, at lalgbtcenter.org/gallery.

Ajamu is a British artist, curator, archivist, and activist. He best known for his fine art photography, which explores same-sex people and the Black male body, and his work as an archivist and activist to document the lives and experiences of Black LGBTQ people in the U.K.

Jo Ann Block is a Los Angeles-based mixed-media artist investigating queer history, sexuality and identity as they are inscribed within historical and contemporary culture. She aims to subvert existing norms around aging, power, and the social relevance of lesbians.

Dannywolfchild is a photographer, artist, self portrait artist, performance artist, and model.

Mark Dektor is a California-based photographer, director, and cinematographer. Much of his commercial work has been in television commercials, where he found his ability to connect with everyday people. He brings this same skill to his portraiture and documentary still photography.

Marian Jones is a self-taught abstract painter and photographer based in Oceanside, CA, who has been working in the visual arts since 2019 (photography)/March 2020 lockdown (painting). A Texas native who has a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and a Master's in Human Behavior, Jones has acted in and produced theatre for more than 20 years. Her switch from performing arts to visual arts was a very natural process that easily moved from one to the other.

Leon Mostovoy is a transgender artist who has been creating on the frontlines of the queer and political art movements for decades. Formerly Tracy, he started his queer art career producing erotic images for On Our Backs magazine in the early 1980s. Leon’s most recent projects explore transgender identity, transformation, sexuality, and gender roles in contemporary U.S. society.

Chris J. Russo is a queer multi-disciplinary artist living in Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited at AC Gallery in Hollywood, The Artist Tree in West Hollywood, and at ACCA Gallery, Beverly Hills. Her award-winning films have screened at Sundance and hundreds of film festivals internationally.

A group virtual exhibition featuring the art of Ajamu, Jo Ann Block, Dannywolfchild, Mark Dektor, Marian Jones, Leon Mostovoy, and Chris J. Russo

Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Advocate & Gochis Galleries online at lalgbtcenter.org/gallery

Launches Thursday, February 11, at Noon

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